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What’s Happening Inside MDOT’s Local Agency Program

July 23, 2020
Host: Emily Kieliszewski, Member Programs Lead, Michigan Municipal League

Kelly Crannell, PE, MDOT Local Agency Construction Engineer 
Ryan Doyle, PE, MDOT Local Agency Urban & Safety Manager

Michigan Municipal League presents another installment of an ongoing webinar series with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). Get the latest updates on:
• Staff Updates
• Changes at MDOT - Temporary Layoff Days, Telecommuting, Virtual Meetings
• “Mutual Benefit” Easements- No Longer Allowed!
• Conflict of Interest Form (starting with GI Submittals Oct. 1)
• Funding Status Update
• NEPA/SHPO Update
• Bridge – NBIS Compliance, Bridge Bundling and FY22 Call for Projects
• Safety – FY22 Status Update
• 2020 Spec Book Update
• MDOT Construction Manual – updates to LAP section
• Project Closeout Process Changes
• Engineer Certification expanded to Consultants
• AASHTOWare conversion update

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