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Stop Panicking and Start Acting: 5 Steps to Save Your Small Businesses and Rebuild Your Economy

June 19, 2020

Host: Emily Kieliszewski, Member Programs Lead, Michigan Municipal League

Guest: Ilana Preuss, Founder & CEO, Recast City LLC

Led by Ilana Preuss, Founder & CEO of Recast City LLC, this webinar focuses on local leadership and what we are willing to do to save the small businesses in our communities. What are we willing to do to rebuild our local economies, and how can we start now?
If we face reality, take action, and get our hands dirty--together--we can build stronger local economies than we had before.
Local leaders will take away from this discussion:

  • A clear understanding of all the economic pieces stacked against success before this crisis
  • Defined paths and frameworks to use moving forward to build a stronger local economy
  • How communities can purposefully support black owned businesses during the recovery
  • Concrete actions that require little to no budget to act on today