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SaveMICity - Lynn Markland, Mich Municipal Exec Pres - Episode 11

April 17, 2019

Host: Anthony Minghine, Deputy Executive Director & COO, Michigan Municipal League

Guest: Lynn Markland, Michigan Municipal Executives President and Fenton City Manager

If you visit Fenton, Michigan, you may see a community that seems to be doing pretty well. There are new buildings and businesses downtown and its many restaurants are packed pretty much on any given evening. But Fenton is like any other Michigan community in that just below the surface it’s struggling. Years of disinvestment by the state into Michigan communities has taken its toll on every Michigan community, including Fenton. Fenton City Manager Lynn Markland sits down with the League’s Anthony Minghine to give the “in the trenches” perspective about Michigan’s broken system for funding its communities. Markland is a big supporter of the League’s SaveMICity initiative – so much that the topic of the broken system was recently covered in-depth in Fenton’s local newspaper. Minghine and Markland talk about that and how Markland recently became the 2019 president of the Michigan Municipal Executives. It’s a great conversation and definitely worth your time.

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