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Michigan Politics, Huh? - Crystal Proxmire, Oakland County Times Editor/Publisher - Episode 20

September 23, 2019

Matt Bach, Director of Communications, Michigan Municipal League

Crystal Proxmire, Publisher/Editor, Oakland County Times

Matt Bach sits down with fellow-journalist Crystal Proxmire, publisher/editor of the Oakland County Times, which she founded in 2009. Her mission is to cover local community and government issues which impact the cities, villages, and townships of Oakland County. Many of the issues covered in the Oakland County Times are the same ones the League focuses on for our member communities, i.e. voting laws, medical and recreational marijuana, real estate development, and non-discrimination ordinances. Proximire strives to be a resource for Oakland County residents when issues hit their community. For more information on the Oakland County Times, visit http://oaklandcounty115.com/. 

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