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Economics of Place - Rick Jacobs, CEO, Accelerator for America - Episode 14

December 4, 2019

Dan Gilmartin, CEO & Executive Director, Michigan Municipal League

Rick Jacobs, CEO, Accelerator for America

After an engaging presentation at Michigan Municipal League's 2019 Convention in Detroit, Rick Jacobs sat down with Dan Gilmartin to expand on the work of Accelerator for America. Their mission is to find projects happening at the local level that they can scale and/or replicate to help communities deal with economic insecurity. They've put together a top-notch advisory council comprised of mayors, union leaders, CEOs, and NGO leaders to provide technical assistance and grants to bring about investment in transit and infrastructure. Accelerator for America is also intent on promoting economic development in Opportunity Zones. Learn more about Accelerator for America: https://www.acceleratorforamerica.com/