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Economics of Place - Jennifer Nichols, FrameWorks Institute - Episode 9

April 2, 2019

Dan Gilmartin, CEO & Executive Director, Michigan Municipal League
Melanie Piana, President, Michigan Municipal League Board of Trustees; Councilmember, Ferndale

Jennifer Nichols, Assistant Director of Research Interpretation and Application, FrameWorks Institute

Jennifer Nichols was a main stage presenter at the Michigan Municipal League's 2019 Capital Conference. Following her presentation, she sat down with Dan Gilmartin and Melanie Piana to recap some of the messaging insights she has learned over the years. In a nut shell, culture shapes the way we all think about the world and can cause some messages to be misinterpreted. Nichols works with all types of organizations to help them frame messaging that fills in the blanks and encourages people to think more deeply about issues.

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