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Economics of Place - Community Investment - Episode 11

September 12, 2019

Dan Gilmartin, CEO and Executive Director, Michigan Municipal League

Melissa Milton-Pung, Program Manager, Policy Research Labs, Michigan Municipal League

League CEO Dan Gilmartin sits down with Program Manager Melissa Milton-Pung to highlight community investment vehicles available to small investors who want to make a difference in their community. Many people are familiar with donation-based crowdfunding, such as the Public Spaces, Community Places program where the Michigan Economic Development Corporation matches donations raised by the community for a public quality of life project. To date, over 200 projects have successfully raised funds through this program. Another vehicle is investment crowdfunding, wherein investors get a return on their investment, possibly with interest. Detroit City Football Club and the Tecumseh Brewing Company are two organizations that have benefited from investment crowdfunding. For more information on both types of community investment, visit http://www.crowdfundingmi.com/

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