Economics of Place - National League of Cities Advocacy - Episode 3

March 28, 2018

Host: Dan Gilmartin, CEO & Executive Director. Michigan Municipal League 

Guest: Irma Esperanza Diggs, Director of Federal Advocacy, National League of Cities

Michigan Politics, Huh? - Marijuana Legalization in Colorado - Episode 3

March 22, 2018

Host: Matt Bach, Director of Communications, Michigan Municipal League

Guest: Chelsey Clarke, Strategic Intelligence Unit Supervisor, Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

Review Deja vu - Milan’s Downtown Redevelopment & Revitalization - Episode 3

March 15, 2018

Host: Lisa Donovan, Communications Specialist/Editor, Michigan Municipal League


Jade Smith, City Administrator, Milan

Jill Tewsley, Executive Director, Milan Main Street

SaveMICity - The Business Case for Municipal Finance Reform - Episode 3

March 7, 2018

Host: Anthony Minghine, Deputy Executive Director & COO, Michigan Municipal League

Guest: Kent Wood, Director of Government Relations, Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce

Limelight - Illuminating the Gender Balance Challenge - Episode 1

March 1, 2018

Host: Emily Kieliszewski, Membership Engagement Specialist, Michigan Municipal League

Guest: Pam Antil, Assistant City Manager, Santa Barbara, CA and President, League of Women in Government